The Teaching Team

A Voluntary team

Corinne Dray

Corinne Dray


Trained in the Maria Montessori pedagogy in 1978, I have applied these methods of psychological development and the enabling of individual personalities to flourish, in all the professional activities of my adult life. 

Désireuse d’aider davantage les enfants, j’ai interrogé mon savoir Montessori et fait le constat que la solution se trouvait dans la création d’une école Montessori, lieu d’échange et d’épanouissement permettant à tous les enfants d’augmenter leur chance de réussite et de les préparer à leur vie d’adulte et leur vie citoyenne. 




Josiane Villenave

Josiane Villenave


 Director of ‘La Vie est Belle’ School.


42 years in public education, including 20 years at the French Lycée in Rome, then 7 years as a school teacher and 15 years as Director of an elementary school in the Val de Marne.

Océane Masure

Océane Masure


Passionate about the Montessori spirit and trained in this philosophy, I am the key teacher of the school “La Vie est Belle”. Having myself experienced Montessori schooling since kindergarten, I endeavour each day to accompany the children on the path to empowerment in an environment that is both caring of themselves and others. I am aware of and follow the development of each child and support them in their learning of self-control, respect of others…


International Exchanges



During the school year, several international teachers take turn to introduce the children to new cultures. These interns, trained as Montessori teachers, actively participate in the classroom to help the children learn.

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